Springtime in Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is on Pennsylvania Avenue directly across the street from the White House. It’s quite a sight to see when the first hint of springtime coaxes the magnolia blossoms to come out. I work two blocks away, so I took a little stroll at lunchtime the other day.

Old Executive Office Building

The Old Executive Office Building next to the White House.

Entrance to The White House

The White House gates.

Peeking through the wrought iron fence in front of the White House, you catch a glimpse of a world that is going to hell in a handbasket and taking us all with it.

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Fear not, I met our savior.

It’s crazy beautiful out here!!

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If only they would last a little longer.

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A nice day to open up a can of whup-ass on someone.

Oops, it’s all over now.

Lafayette Park, Washington DC

Time to leave all this loveliness behind and head back to work.

One Response to Springtime in Lafayette Square

  1. Wandering from Pierre’s Venice over to Kate’s Minnesota, I found you and these lovely pictures. I moved from DC to Vienna a year and a half ago, and that last pictures seems to be of the kind of cherry tress we had in our front yard. Every year, when the blooms starting falling off, I closed of our circular driveway to enjoy that beautiful pink carpet of blossoms as long as possible.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images, balsam for a homesick soul!

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