April 8, 2007

Yesterday morning there was another dusting of snow when I woke up. It all melted off by the afternoon, but it made for a nice photo op of the George Washington Memorial Masonic Temple while it lasted.

The poor spring flowers are probably so confused.

Snow Blossoms

March 18, 2007

Yesterday morning Alexandria awoke with yet another dusting of snow, perhaps the last of the season. Almost makes the trees in Market Square look like they’re in bloom.

King Street Townhouses

March 9, 2007

Alexandria has an amazing variety of different architectural styles of townhouses. Directly across the street from the Hard Times Cafe is this charming group.

A Room With a View at Night

March 8, 2007

After our last storm on February 26, I showed you the accumulating snow outside my living room during the day. The images looked like they had been taken in black & white.

Here’s the same view after our snowfall of yesterday afternoon, which left us with another three to four inches of the white stuff. This was taken around 7:30 pm.

Winter Clock Tower

March 3, 2007

Another day, another mood. I captured another view of the City Hall Clock Tower in January.