Fireflies Cafe

July 24, 2006

Fireflies Cafe

Mt. Vernon Avenue in Del Ray is the main drag where most of the restaurants and cafes are located. Too bad for me! Fireflies was closed this afternoon when I came by.

Caboose Cafe

July 23, 2006
Caboose Cafe

Thought you might need a little snack or something, after the train ride.

The Tale of Los Amigos – The Gripping Conclusion

July 21, 2006


“. . . be careful, this plate is hot.” Inspecting the plate for exactly half a second, I immediately whipped out my Canon and began shooting it. I then flung myself upon it and made every effort to make it disappear. Try though I would, I could not finish it all.

What was behind the pink door? The kitchen, of course. And if you’re wondering about all those empty tables, remember: when I went in there, it was two o’clock. Way past the lunch rush hour. That’s why there was no body in the place.

Finally, my blood sugar fully restored, I paid the bill and staggered back through the space/time continuum, back to another much less colorful life, fatter and happier.

The Tale of Los Amigos – Part 3

July 19, 2006
Los Amigos Interior No. 2

I was in a delightful state of euphoria from the space/time continuum transport from a simple street in Del Ray to an unknown Mexican village. Feeling a bit weak from the trip, I made my way to my table and sank down in a chair. When I finally looked up, my eyes could not believe what was looming in front of me . . .

[Will her blood sugar ever return to normal? Will she ever get anything to eat? Tune in tomorrow, my friend, same bat time, same bat channel!]

The Tale of Los Amigos – Part 2

July 18, 2006
Los Amigos Interior No. 1

Stepping through the door of this unassuming little restaurant, I was sucked into a space/time continuum and instantly transported to Mexico! It was amazing!! But my amazement would soon turn to something else, as something was telling me I really ought to turn around and look behind me . . .

[Is there a body under the table? Will she get out alive?? And what’s behind the pink door??? Tune in tomorrow!]

My sympathies to the people of Southern Indonesia on the news of another catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.

The Tale of Los Amigos

July 17, 2006

Los Amigos Restaurant

Wandering in Del Ray in search of ever more interesting local scenes to capture for the Daily Photo readership, I began to feel strangely weak. My watch pointed to two o’clock. I knew I had to find food, and fast. I looked around and saw this. The exterior had a nice vibe, and it seemed like it would be worth investigating. But when I stepped inside . . . [continued tomorrow]

Evening Star Cafe

July 16, 2006
Evening Star Cafe

The Evening Star is a favorite Del Ray hangout, a place where you could find your neighbor having breakfast. You won’t run into many out of towners here.