It’s the Little Things

December 3, 2006


I’ve walked the streets of Old Town many times. Now that I’m recording it, I sometimes find new things to capture by going macro. I’ve noticed the grape motif before in cast iron gates. Today I saw this tiny bunch of grapes on a piece of hardware near a shutter. It’s called a shutter dog, whether or not it’s in the shape of a dog. It’s function is to keep a shutter locked in the open position.

Another Sign of Fall

November 8, 2006


The coat collection is on display at The Remix. I’m hoping not to need my heavy winter coat for another month yet, but we have had below normal temperatures for the last two weeks. We may be in for a long, cold winter so I’ll enjoy autumn while it lasts.

Poodle Cut

November 4, 2006


The symmetry of the globe lights and the hedges in front of this restaurant was so cute. All that’s missing is a poodle.

Fall Window Box

November 3, 2006


I really enjoy the effort that people go to in order to have a nice seasonal windowbox display.

In a comment to my October 15 post, Turning a New Leaf, Kate of Visual St. Paul said: “Despite the beauty, I reluctantly enjoy autumn because I know that the blast of winter follows it.”

I enjoy autumn completely. I like the cooler temperatures, I love the colors. I like the whole harvest theme and the pumpkins, which then become pumpkin pie. I like the smell of smoke from chimneys. I like Halloween. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is all about family and counting your blessings, and it lacks the crass commercialism that Christmas has become. The fall is like getting ready to go to bed but just staying up in your jammies a while longer.

I don’t think about winter until it’s winter. I remember a phrase from a lesson long ago: “be here now.”

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2006


Halloween window display of K. Aubrey Flowers. They not only have nice window displays, but their building is gorgeous.

This is the same florist shop where we saw Mr. Tuxedo Whiskers a few weeks ago. It’s across the street from the Hard Times Cafe on the corner of West and King Streets.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual tour of haunted Alexandria these past two weeks. Happy Halloween!

Lots of people are in the Halloween spirit today. Take the Halloween World Tour!

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And remember, tomorrow is Daily Photo Theme Day. Over 50 sites are participating.

Old Fashioned Headstone

October 28, 2006


We return, after the doggie Halloween party fiasco of yesterday, to our regular Halloween themed programming.

Headstones like these are easy to find in local cemeteries. This particular style was common for 18th century graves. But rarely will you find a complete, readable inscription on them. Time and weather have conspired to keep the identity of this grave occupant a secret.

Tonight is the John Carlyle funeral reenactment. Passante and I will be donning our mourning clothes and be among the crocodile tear weeping, black-clad retinue accompanying the horse drawn carriage to the graveyard. Read all about it tomorrow!

The Tale of the Burning Bride

October 25, 2006


The Christmas Attic – House in the Country is a charming shop on Fairfax Street with an added attraction — the ghost of a young woman is said to visit from time to time.

In the mid-1860s, this building was the home of the Schaeffer family. Young Laura was upstairs in her wedding gown, preparing for her special day. It is speculated that she stepped too close to the fireplace, and the long train of her wedding dress caught fire. The guests were down in the garden, unable to hear her screams. The next day Laura died of her burns. A few weeks later, her fiance committed suicide.

Laura’s ghost is said to visit the shop occasionally. Some people have even reported her presence in the restroom.

While the tale told by the ghost tour guide is embellished, and they freely admit it, there is a kernel of truth in this story. A young woman did live here and died of burns before her wedding. As for the presence of spirits, that I cannot confirm. I guess Laura wasn’t in the mood to receive visitors the day I visited the shop.