Come On In, the Water’s Freakin’ COLD!!!

April 1, 2007

Only a duck could enjoy the waters of the Pomotac at this time of year!


Goose Hill

February 22, 2007

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Last one. I was shooting against the sun for all the goose photos which made me squint like crazy and made it impossible to see anything in my viewfinder. I was literally shooting blind. This one is my favorite.

Can She Be Trusted?

February 21, 2007

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The geese were a bit wary as I crept closer, but a few weren’t disturbed enough to stop foraging.

Temperatures have been in the 20s and teens (Fahrenheit) for the past several weeks. The upside to that is that today, when it warmed up to 48 degrees, I was walking around with no hat or gloves and my jacket unzipped, thinking how nice and springlike it was.

I have some internet friends living in Mexico who start shivering when temps drop to the 60s. Others stoke fires in their fireplaces when it gets to the 50s. To you, Brenda and John, I can only say that I hope one day I’m doing the same.

Let’s Do Lunch

February 20, 2007

These Canada Geese are looking for lunch in the snow. It looks like I’m in a wildlife refuge miles away from urban development, but I’m at the edge of a parking lot near a soccer field smack in the middle of the West End near a little pocket sized wooded area between the field and the houses behind it. I saw the geese as through the window when I was in a McDonald’s nearby and knew immediately what I’d be doing after lunch.

Stopping by Leaves on a Sunny Afternoon

September 5, 2006


A fall-colored butterfly stops to rest on a pile of leaves blown down by the storm. For a caption, all I could think of was the poem by Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, slightly modified to suit.

Look Who Just Dropped By

August 18, 2006

Look Who Just Dropped By

Nuno of Porto Daily Photo loves geese. Well, parts of them, anyway. These are Canada Geese and are quite common in this area. These two are taking a break at Holmes Run from their frequent flier miles.

Although Canada Geese are very tolerant of people and have gotten used to staying around densely populated suburban areas, people are not always happy to have the geese in their neighborhoods. Canada Goose “byproducts” are quite large, and they happily produce enormous quantities of it, making some school sports fields very “dangerous” places to play.

Carol also has a post about Canada Geese in Chattanooga Daily Photo today.

Holmes Run

August 17, 2006

Holmes Run

More surprises in the West End are the scattered little oases, pieces of land untouched by development, reserved for whatever wild creatures there are left. And I’m not just talking about joggers. There are dozens of these wild places, some big and some small.

This is Holmes Run, a creek that winds its way through all the highrises and houses, providing a quiet place where people can walk and observe a little bit of nature. Tomorrow I’ll show you a couple of frequent visitors.