The Scoop, Revisited

July 2, 2006

You’ve seen the building from where The Scoop hawks its wares (June 9). After reading an article in the local paper that The Scoop makes several flavors with no sugar, I leapt into the trusty Subaru and scurried down to check it out. People were lined up out the door and onto the sidewalk when I got there, but it was worth the wait. Their Pecan Cream, sweetened with Equal, was scrumptious!! I’ll be back!


The Scoop

June 9, 2006

The Scoop

Across the street from Pop’s is The Scoop Grill. Although they’re trying to get the point across that they serve hot food as well as frozen treats, it just makes me think of a scoop of ice cream quickly disintegrating on a grill next to a sizzling hamburger.

Under the Green Umbrellas

June 8, 2006
Under Green Umbrellas

A group of bikers enjoying lunch at the Fish Market Restaurant. Or are they really feasting on triple scoop banana splits at Pop’s Ice Cream? Hmmm…

Pop’s Ice Cream

June 7, 2006
Pop's Ice Cream

Lower King Street is not only thick with restaurants, but it also draws crowds because it has three ice cream parlors within a half block. This is Pop’s Ice Cream, and right next door is the Fish Market Restaurant.