Daily Photo Theme Day

December 1, 2006

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“You are getting sleeeepy…so sleeepy. You are now
under my spell. Now carry me the rest of the way!”

This month’s theme is — well, no one really knows what to call it. It just involves taking only a partial picture of a person.

I Shall Not Be Mocked

November 5, 2006


“I think I hear an echo.”

For more pictures of the Wilson Parrot Foundation birds in Alexandria, click on “parrot” under Categories.


October 10, 2006


Felicity, dahling, love what you’ve done with your hair!

I’m Just Being Honest

September 24, 2006


“Mother of God!! What did you have for lunch?!
I’m never sitting downwind of you again!!”

Visitors to Old Town love the Wilson Parrot Foundation macaws, even if they are just a couple of wise crackers.

Doggie Gossip Hour

September 14, 2006


“Hey, isn’t that Old Yeller over there? Who’s that bitch he’s with?”

Dogs have as much fun gossiping as their owners do at the Yappy Hour. The Old Town Holiday Inn hosts the Yappy Hour Tuesday and Thursday evenings in their courtyard from May to October.