Goose Hill

February 22, 2007

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Last one. I was shooting against the sun for all the goose photos which made me squint like crazy and made it impossible to see anything in my viewfinder. I was literally shooting blind. This one is my favorite.

Can She Be Trusted?

February 21, 2007

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The geese were a bit wary as I crept closer, but a few weren’t disturbed enough to stop foraging.

Temperatures have been in the 20s and teens (Fahrenheit) for the past several weeks. The upside to that is that today, when it warmed up to 48 degrees, I was walking around with no hat or gloves and my jacket unzipped, thinking how nice and springlike it was.

I have some internet friends living in Mexico who start shivering when temps drop to the 60s. Others stoke fires in their fireplaces when it gets to the 50s. To you, Brenda and John, I can only say that I hope one day I’m doing the same.

Let’s Do Lunch

February 20, 2007

These Canada Geese are looking for lunch in the snow. It looks like I’m in a wildlife refuge miles away from urban development, but I’m at the edge of a parking lot near a soccer field smack in the middle of the West End near a little pocket sized wooded area between the field and the houses behind it. I saw the geese as through the window when I was in a McDonald’s nearby and knew immediately what I’d be doing after lunch.

Friends of Geese

August 20, 2006


These folks like Canada Geese so much, they have a pair that they keep as pets. They feed them so well, the geese are now too fat to fly away. I have to admit, for a half second, I thought these were real. That does solve the problem of lawn muffins, though.

Geese Crossing

August 19, 2006


Byproducts or not, Canada Geese have become so much a part of the community here that they merit their own street crossing signs. (Anyone besides me notice that those are ducks on the sign and not geese?)

It’s tough to cross busy Eisenhower Avenue even for a human, but with Cook Lake on one side and Holmes Run on the other, sometimes a goose just gotta do it.