Art at the Market

April 21, 2007

Art on the street makes me think of Paris, where you’ll see it for sale every day in little booths along the Seine and of course in the Place du Tertre. In Alexandria we see art on the street only on special occasions: one of them is the annual Arts Festival in September, the other is the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Market Square, which is where this photo was taken.

But I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes

December 16, 2006


If anyone had told me before today that bell peppers came in purple, I wouldn’t have believed it. These were for sale at the farmer’s market. The red and yellow ones look radioactive in this bright morning light.

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Tea With Jam and Bread

December 9, 2006


There’s something irresistible to me about the repetition of shapes in this jam display at the farmer’s market. That song from The Sound of Music also kept playing in my head.

Reinvented Elegance

December 2, 2006

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This is Joyce and her daughter. Joyce is a craftswoman who sells her creations at the farmer’s market under the business name of Reinvented Elegance. She was quite friendly and happy to talk about the refrigerator magnets she makes that I admired. Dried flowers are put on a cloth background and covered in glass. These quarter sized disks then have a small magnet glued to the back. I was very taken with these and bought several for myself as well as mailing one to an old friend in California, who absolutely loved it.

Meeting people like Joyce really makes the farmer’s market fun. I also emailed her a copy of this picture, which she loved. I bet she does something really great with it.

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Getting Cold

November 25, 2006

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A vendor at a craft table at the farmer’s market.