If I Only Had a Brain

October 14, 2006


There’s a little chill in the air now at night. Signs of the season are showing up everywhere. The Wizard of Oz should be on TV in October. Seems only fitting.

Kate has scarecrows on Visual St. Paul today, too. ‘Tis the season.


October 10, 2006


Felicity, dahling, love what you’ve done with your hair!

Kid Art

October 9, 2006


Art on the Avenue has many events that kids can participate in, like a stuff your own scarecrow booth and pumpkin painting.

Art on the Avenue

October 8, 2006


Yesterday was Del Ray’s annual Art on the Avenue event. Four blocks of Mt. Vernon Avenue were blocked off from traffic for the display and sale of arts and crafts. It is Alexandria’s second biggest street art fair.

I remembered last year’s event and how lovely and warm it was. Not this year! But even though it was a little breezy, a little chilly and threatened to rain, there was a good turnout. October can be a balmy month in Alexandria, but we’re on the tail end of a storm that just passed through.

In a Jam

September 30, 2006


Is there any better jam than red raspberry? I think not. Del Ray farmer’s market is tiny, but in addition to produce there are some delectable homemade breads and jams for sale.

I have a problem with sugar, so I had to pass on the red raspberry jam. The peach jam, even though it had no sugar, just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s kind of the same with men. You like the one who’s not good for you, and the nice one you have no chemistry with.

No Cubicles in Sight

July 31, 2006

No Cubicles in Sight

If you have to work for a living, wouldn’t it be nice to work in a colorful place like this? Well, maybe except when it’s really hot like today. Or when it snows. Or when it’s raining torrents.

Guess that’s why I’ll always be a pathetic office worker with skin a delicate shade of fish belly white. By the way, that’s my blues name, so don’t be goin’ anywhere with that.

Tomorrow is Daily Photo Theme Day! Alexandria Daily Photo will be one of the participants.

Inside Eclectic Nature

July 30, 2006

This Del Ray plant nursery is very attractive. It was so colorful, it made me happy just to be there!