My Trip to Mexico

December 13, 2006


I’m just having a little fun with you now. This isn’t Mexico, it’s a shop on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria’s Chirilagua neighborhood. Many Spanish speaking immigrants and shopkeepers live in this area.

The cultural variety is one of the things I like about this part of Virginia. If I were to go to Annandale, a small town just three miles away, there would be many shop signs in Korean, as that’s where a lot of Korean immigrants live.

Waffle Shop

December 6, 2006


I love this old Waffle Shop sign, too, also in Del Ray. I’d have shown you these two signs at night, but they’re both white so it wasn’t worth the effort.

The restaurant itself (spelled “Wafle” House on the side of the building) didn’t look like a place where I wanted to eat, and let’s just leave it at that.


October 1, 2006


The first of the month theme day has come around again, and this time we spotlight taxis.

Yellow Cab is a large national chain cab company with franchises from California to Virginia. It’s commonly seen in Alexandria. This one is in a hurry to who knows where in the Chirilagua neighborhood.

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Inquilinos y Trabajadores Unidos

September 9, 2006


This sign is above the entrance to the Chirilagua neighborhood Community Center on Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Hide in Plain Sight

September 8, 2006


The artists almost blend into the mural itself.