Winter Garden of Eternal Rest

January 29, 2007


From Jamieson Avenue this is the entrance to the Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery, one of the oldest in Alexandria. Many of the headstones here are dated in the 1800s.

The snow is now gone, so back we go to the firemark series starting tomorrow.


You’ll Catch Your Death of Cold

January 28, 2007


No snow yesterday. Instead we had sunshine. Only a few patches of snow remain, but I have one more snow picture to share for tomorrow.

In the Dead of Winter

January 27, 2007


It’s getting colder, and more snow is predicted for the weekend. So I think I’ll continue with the snow theme awhile longer.

This scene I first showed you last October. Recently an Alexandria poet happened to visit the October photo and left a very nice poem in the comments.

For me there is something compelling about this trio of headstones surrounded by the iron fence. I can’t quite articulate what it is, but I’m sure with every change of season I’ll revisit this site and take another picture.

Cold and Alone

January 26, 2007


Ever since discovering the final resting place of Rose M. last summer, I can’t get this headstone and the young girl it represents out of my mind. So when the snow began to fall, I had to go see her.

Poor little Rose looked so cold and alone that day.

In the Cold, Cold Ground

January 25, 2007


I took a lot of shots at the Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery while it was snowing. I could easily do a week’s worth of wintry cemetery photos, but I’ll restrain myself.

This is the cemetery where our dearly departed Rose M. was laid to rest. I’ll show you how she fared during the snowstorm if you visit tomorrow.

Old Fashioned Headstone

October 28, 2006


We return, after the doggie Halloween party fiasco of yesterday, to our regular Halloween themed programming.

Headstones like these are easy to find in local cemeteries. This particular style was common for 18th century graves. But rarely will you find a complete, readable inscription on them. Time and weather have conspired to keep the identity of this grave occupant a secret.

Tonight is the John Carlyle funeral reenactment. Passante and I will be donning our mourning clothes and be among the crocodile tear weeping, black-clad retinue accompanying the horse drawn carriage to the graveyard. Read all about it tomorrow!

Walk Softly Among the Dead

October 26, 2006


The dead are still among us in Alexandria, and some of them are restless, especially at this time of year. Some can be found in buildings, some in graveyards and some … might be right behind you. So walk softly among the dead, my friends. Be respectful and do not tempt the restless ones to follow you.