Art at the Market

April 21, 2007

Art on the street makes me think of Paris, where you’ll see it for sale every day in little booths along the Seine and of course in the Place du Tertre. In Alexandria we see art on the street only on special occasions: one of them is the annual Arts Festival in September, the other is the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Market Square, which is where this photo was taken.

Kid Art

October 9, 2006


Art on the Avenue has many events that kids can participate in, like a stuff your own scarecrow booth and pumpkin painting.

Art on the Avenue

October 8, 2006


Yesterday was Del Ray’s annual Art on the Avenue event. Four blocks of Mt. Vernon Avenue were blocked off from traffic for the display and sale of arts and crafts. It is Alexandria’s second biggest street art fair.

I remembered last year’s event and how lovely and warm it was. Not this year! But even though it was a little breezy, a little chilly and threatened to rain, there was a good turnout. October can be a balmy month in Alexandria, but we’re on the tail end of a storm that just passed through.

Photographer of the Amish

September 12, 2006


Met Randall Scott-Persing at the Alexandria Arts Festival and admired his beautiful and sensitive images of the Pennsylvania Amish people. Randall was very friendly and, in response to a question on the reticence of the Amish to have their pictures taken, explained how he built relationships with them first. After getting to know him a little, the Amish could see how respectful he is of them. Thus he was permitted to capture glimpses into their world that most of us will never see, unless we are lucky enough to see his work.

Samples of Randall’s work can be seen on his website.

Sitar Player

September 11, 2006


Sitar player at the Alexandria Arts Festival. I like sitar music. Reminds me of my wasted youth when I occasionally indulged in controlled substances. Unlike our president, I did inhale.