John Carlyle Passes Away


T’was sad indeed to hear the news of John Carlyle’s passing. Everyone in town was talking about the funeral, which was taking place tonight.


When we arrived at the house, one of John’s closest friends gave us the news. John had been in poor health for about a week. Then, at around three this afternoon, he passed away.


The good doctor assured us that everything within the bounds of modern medicine had been done. He had bled John just that morning, but to no avail.


The friend and the doctor sharing a favorite memory of the dearly departed.


Then it was time to give condolences to family members, including John’s only surviving daughter and her husband. The poor Carlyle family has suffered more than its share of tragedy. John’s first wife died in childbirth, his second died eleven years ago after an illness. He never married again. Of eleven children, only two survived and were in attendance at tonight’s funeral. The 14 year old son would not live much longer. He was fated to die in the Revolutionary War.


It would seem someone has been peeking behind one of the covered mirrors in the house. I see the presence of Satan in the red, glowing eyes of that young man.


The horse waits to carry John’s earthly body to its final resting place.


As the hearse begins the procession to the cemetery, a friend waves a final goodbye to John Carlyle.

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