Fur Kids

During the time I volunteered at a local cat rescue organization, I went in one day empty handed and came home not so much so.

Miss Daisy

This is Miss Daisy, who has been with me for three years. I fell in love with that perfect little gray Persian face the moment I saw her. She’s quite a pistol and likes to drink water right out of the tap, a trick she learned by watching Snoopy. She’s the most talkative.


And here is Katarina, who is two and a half now. She was only eight weeks old when I got her and was supposed to stay with me only for the weekend when the cat shelter was full. She’s the youngest of all my cats, but she’s also the largest at nearly 13 pounds. I like to call her Kata Wee because she’s anything but wee. She likes to lick my nose every chance she gets.

Fufu - Before

This is what Fufu looked like when I first saw him at the cat shelter, a different one than the one I where I volunteered. This picture almost makes me ill to look at it now. He had gotten outside, was living in the woods all summer and nearly starved to death. Shortly after I adopted him, I had my vet remove a weird bump from his cheek that turned out to be a BB pellet. He was afraid of everything when he first came to live with me, and rightly so.

Fufu - After

Well, just look at him now! He’s living it up, fat and happy, and a total glamorpuss! He’s a middle-aged man now, almost eight, but still looks and acts like a teenager. He’s been with me three and a half years. He’s very sweet and nurturing and often washes the other cats whether they need it or not. If I bend my head down near him, he’ll wash my hair, too! Fufu also likes to watch TV.

The Snoo

Last but not least is Snoopy. He got his name because he investigates everything, most of which is not his business. If any weird noises are going on in the house or anything gets knocked over, you can bet he did it! As you can see, he is a very dignified and serious creature.

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  1. M. Benaut says:

    Hello there – my husband, fondly known in the Blogger community as M.Benaut, runs AdelaideDP and I help out occasionally and wander around the world looking at the various blogs – this is the first time I’ve seen yours though and, since I also have 4 cats + one stray who comes for dinner at 10 pm every evening, I naturally had to have a look at your cats. They are just gorgeous! We have a burmese also, Sascha, who is female and 3 years old. The Burmese are amazing little creatures and Sascha (also known as Baby) sleeps under the quilt with us and I get “groomed” too – usually a face wash but I think she just likes the moisturiser.
    I loved your snow photos from your living room. You are so lucky to have snow at home – we are in the midst of drought (Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia) and the temperature today is nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so the snow looks very appealing to me. Anyway, pop in to Adelaide DP and I’ll pop in to Alexandria from time to time – I would love to visit your part of the world one day – so far I’ve only been to the west coast of the USA – but fairly thoroughly – from Tijuana up to Vancouver – on a couple of different trips. I’d like to do the east coast from Miami to the Canadian border one day. Fortunately the movie industry gives us an insight into life on the East coast from time to time, predominantly NYC of course, but there is nothing like the real thing. We are off to Europe this year but there is always next year. Equally, if you decide to visit Australia, make sure you come to Adelaide. We are very civilised although my husband does a good job of creating an ocker Aussie persona from time to time.
    Cheers and thanks again for your splendid photos.
    Mme Benaut

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