One Year of Photos

As nothing lasts forever, the one-year anniversary of Alexandria Daily Photo brings this photoblog to a conclusion. It’s been a lot of fun recording Alexandria for the last 365 days, but I have other areas to explore photographically and other interests are taking up my time.

If you’re interested in my photography and want to see what I’m up to lately, check the Blogroll links in the sidebar. I’ll update it with any new photoblogs I may have started or post a note here with a link. Any new photoblog I might do won’t be on a daily basis, though.

Thanks for stopping by!

12 Responses to One Year of Photos

  1. passante says:

    What a beautiful way to finish your blog. I’ll miss ADP, but I understand completely (and identify with) the need to move on with life and other pursuits. Thank you for 12 months of wonderful images of Alexandria.

  2. brendamaa says:

    Will miss your daily photos. I always checked in every day and enjoyed seeing what you had posted.

  3. kris says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful shots of Alexandra!

  4. Felicia says:

    Hi Marie, Thanks for bringing us a year of great Alexandria photos and also for doing the Best of DP and Doorways. Your contributions to our DP family are much appreciated. Best wishes on your future endeavors!

  5. z says:

    I’ll come back to go through your archives later this week, but for now, let me wish you the best in your new pursuits.

    Villigen Switzerland

  6. Kate says:

    So sad for us, but exciting that you will be doing other things of interest. Do drop in on occasion. I’ll miss you!!

  7. Rudy says:

    I am already missing you… are you coming back sporadically at least?

  8. Rudy says:

    Postdata: Happy Anniversary!

  9. Gigi Smith says:

    Alexandria, VA:

    These are lovely photos, they really capture the laid-back culture we offer here in Alexandria, Virginia. I work aroung the city all of the time and the sight you get to see on a daily basis are wonderful.


    Gigi Smith

  10. Bath DP Host says:

    Good luck on your other projects.

  11. M. Benaut says:

    Oh Marie, you will be missed but I understand fully the desire to have a break from the enormous time investment to blog daily. Congratulations on making it to one year. That’s a superb effort and your photos have been a delight to see.
    Very best wishes,
    Mme Benaut from Adelaide Daily Photo

  12. Erika says:

    Your pictures and descriptions are fantastic! My husband and I are moving to Alexandria (from Monterey, CA) in a few months and basically chose that area based on your daily photos. We refer back to that site like its a guide. Great work! Thanks for showing us your window on the world.

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