Footsteps to the Past

Footsteps to the Past is a local company offering historical walking tours of Old Town. The guides are always in costume, even in the hottest weather. It’s one of the most fun things you can do with a couple of spare hours.

2 Responses to Footsteps to the Past

  1. M. Benaut says:

    Hello Marie,
    Just popped in to take a look at your beautiful city again. Things have been hectic down under with the recent death of M.B’s mother. We have finally had rain and things are quite wet. Our oak trees are all in the process of losing their leaves and there is much autumn work to be done in the garden. Our lillypilly tree is in full fruit – keeping the sugar gliders happy!
    See you soon,
    Mme Benaut

  2. Nice photograph of a person who looks like he is really having a nice time on the job.

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