West Street

Rowhouses on West Street in Parker-Gray.

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  1. I did a Google search for blogs in Alexandria. Yours is the best I’ve encountered so far. I wouldn’t mind seeing that row of Civil War vintage houses in person. Keep uploading those pictures!

    I found out about the Caboose Cafe and St Elmo’s Coffee Pub earlier while web browsing. Two wifi hotspots on the main drag. Are there still many high tech startups in Alexandria? It seems like the ideal community for that crowd.

    I lived in Alexandria until 1965 when I was age eight. I’ve lived in Southern California most of the time since then. I’ve been in Riverside for nearly seventeen years. It’s a middle class university town that’s similar in some ways to Alexandria. I graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Class of 1982. Claremont also reminds of Alexandria a little.

    If you’re ever in South Pasadena, go to Buster’s coffee house. You’ll feel right at home.

  2. Kate says:

    When I think of row house I usually envision stone buildings, but these look almost delicate by comparison. There is light from windows only at the front and back, tho, and I wonder how it feels to live in one of them because of that. This is fairly common in parts of Mexico, too, and I felt clastrophobic in some of them. A few creative owners painted murals on the inside walls to lighten the atmosphere. The architects need to be creative too because of this feature. I enjoy this particular section of houses.

  3. Beautiful photograph that clearly shows how row houses actually look. We lived in Baltimore, Maryland while I was in the last year of Army service and our block was made out of brick houses. I hated them because we had grass to mow in front and back and getting the mower from the front to the back or vise versa was a challenge. The people who lived upstairs didn’t have to mow. And they also used a kind of rope pulley thingy to lower their garbage to the cans out back in the alley. I assume things have changed by now.

    Abraham Lincoln

  4. Rudy says:

    Row houses? I don’t get it… Come MarieMc, I need bigger captions. Could you expand in the concept? Please.

    P.S. La Antigua Guatemala DP is counting down to its first anniversary on May 1st and if I’m not mistaken your anniversary is around the corner too, right?

  5. mariemcc says:

    Thomas, thanks for the kind words. By the way, I was born in Northern Cal and lived there until ten years ago.

    Kate, rowhouses or townhouses can be made of anything. The key is that they have common walls with the houses next door.

    Abe, I think this grouping is particularly attractive. I’m not very familiar with Baltimore, but I’m sure things have changed a lot since you left. I drove over there last year to visit the Inner Harbor and the aquarium and also drove around downtown. There’s a lot of gentrification going on of old brick rowhouses. The worst ones have been torn down and new construction is going up.

    Rudy, row houses are houses that share a common wall with the building next door. They are exactly alike in appearance. Townhouses also share a common wall with the building next door (as opposed to a stand alone building with space on all sides), but townhouses may be of different architectural styles. So there are rowhouses and townhouses in the photo. See also March 9, February 14, February 13 and February 10 for more examples. What can I say, I was tired when I posted it. 🙂

    Yes, Alex DP’s one year anniversary is May 5. 🙂

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