It Doesn’t Get More Patriotic Than This

This is quite a dazzling statement! Bold American flag colors, the symbol of the United States and an English saddle stirrup, reminding me of Paul Revere’s ride. I love it!

3 Responses to It Doesn’t Get More Patriotic Than This

  1. Dsole says:

    how funny , you both from Alexandria posted a door! (too different styles though)

  2. Kate says:

    When I first glimpsed this on the portal, I thought, “Oh, Marie is going to like this one.” And, lo and behold….It is a fun shot and a very interesting door. I guess that I’d better scout around Mazatlan now and see if I can find some more picturesque doors!!

  3. mariemcc says:

    Dsole, yes quite a coincidence!

    Kate, I know there are many wonderful doorways in Mexico. I’ve had about 20 of them on Doorways Around the World over the last several months. Can’t wait to see some of yours!

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