Knock Three Times

We’re in that in-between time where the trees are still naked and Alexandria is not at her best, so I’m going in for a closer look. Those of you familiar with Doorways Around the World won’t find it surprising that I’ve also found door knockers of interest.

3 Responses to Knock Three Times

  1. Passante says:

    Reminds me of my former (Canadian) husband’s helpless laughter one day on the London Underground when he saw an ad for a very upscale manufacturer of fancy door knockers. The picture was a doorknocker shaped like a fish and the headline was “Have you ever been knocked up by a fish?” He had to explain to (British) me why it was funny. Knock up in the U.K. simply means to knock on the door and wake someone up!

  2. Kate says:

    Well, Passante, what a racy message so early in the day!! Marie, This is a wonderful photo. Anyone would be honored to be knocked up by this one!

  3. mariemcc says:

    Passante, that IS funny! Haven’t found any fish knockers, but I did find one that looks sort of like a porpoise. I expected to find more with a nautical theme, since Alexandria was once an important port city. But you’ll be seeing what I did find.

    Kate, more interesting knockers to come!

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