Snow Blossoms

Yesterday morning Alexandria awoke with yet another dusting of snow, perhaps the last of the season. Almost makes the trees in Market Square look like they’re in bloom.

5 Responses to Snow Blossoms

  1. Kate says:

    Unusual statue. What is it?

  2. passante says:

    The bronze statue is called “Brio” (Italian for vivacity/exuberance/joie de vivre). I didn’t know the name of the sculptor but checking the Internet (, I found it: Jimilu Mason.

  3. mariemcc says:

    Lucky me to have passante around, especially when I don’t know the answer!

  4. M. Benaut says:

    Hello Marie,
    Lovely dusting of snow on a superb statue, so aptly named!
    Mme Benaut

  5. photowannabe says:

    I thought they were spring blossoms until I read the comments. The dusting is beautiful and so is the statue.

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