Admiring From Afar

I often admire the many beautiful houses in Old Town and wonder what it would be like to live in one of them. Having been inside more than one, I know that there are pluses and minuses. The rooms are sometimes very small and narrow, and it takes a lot of money to upgrade to modern conveniences.

Right now, if my heat pump goes out (and it’s living on borrowed time, since it’s more than 15 years old), that would immediately negate any new windows, new kitchen floor and new carpeting I might be considering. I can’t imagine having to replace a roof, redo the plumbing or have foundation problems in one of these grand old homes.

4 Responses to Admiring From Afar

  1. ioanna says:

    This is an absolutely lovely house! But to live in it and to have to repear it, no thanks! But if it was a hotel!!! I’d love it.

  2. photowannabe says:

    Beautiful old home but its older than ours which we are renovating to sell it. Ours is 41 years old and it sure takes a bundle to bring some things that were code in the 60’s up to 2007 standards.
    Its fun to dream though and think about an unlimited bank account.

  3. Kate says:

    Grand they are, and they take a grand or two to upgrade. I’m ready to downgrade right now–seems like a condo would be a good choice: one in MN and one in Mexico. Your photos of these wonderful homes are clear and bright.

  4. Helen says:

    That is a magnificent house. I can imagine the upgrade costs might be a drawback!

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