A Room With a View at Night

After our last storm on February 26, I showed you the accumulating snow outside my living room during the day. The images looked like they had been taken in black & white.

Here’s the same view after our snowfall of yesterday afternoon, which left us with another three to four inches of the white stuff. This was taken around 7:30 pm.

5 Responses to A Room With a View at Night

  1. ~tanty~ says:

    Seems melancholic to me 🙂

  2. Denton says:

    Our weather has turned warm as of late and I’m not ready for Spring yet. In fact I am traveling to New Mexico week to snow ski. Then I’ll be ready for Spring.

  3. M. Benaut says:

    Lovely photo Marie with the soft lighting on fresh snow.
    Mme Benaut
    Hope you have been able to visit down under to Adelaide DP to check out my husband’s quirky humour and of course some photos of Adelaide!

  4. capitan says:

    Great photo! I love the colors!

  5. mariemcc says:

    Tanty, at the time, I didn’t get that feeling at all. I liked the nighttime colors.
    Denton, I’m more than ready for spring! Have fun skiing.
    MB, yes I have!
    Capitan, I liked the colors, too.

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