Can She Be Trusted?

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The geese were a bit wary as I crept closer, but a few weren’t disturbed enough to stop foraging.

Temperatures have been in the 20s and teens (Fahrenheit) for the past several weeks. The upside to that is that today, when it warmed up to 48 degrees, I was walking around with no hat or gloves and my jacket unzipped, thinking how nice and springlike it was.

I have some internet friends living in Mexico who start shivering when temps drop to the 60s. Others stoke fires in their fireplaces when it gets to the 50s. To you, Brenda and John, I can only say that I hope one day I’m doing the same.

4 Responses to Can She Be Trusted?

  1. Juan Calypso says:

    It was 80 F here yesterday Marie – but those honkers got me to thinking about days of yore back in a blind in Klamath Falls, Oregon. There I would have had my heart pumping hard with those beauties in the area – of course I am a vegetarian 😉

    We too hope you make it down to warmer climes soon.

    Juan Calypso

  2. Kate says:

    But Marie, wouldn’t you miss the snow? I do think, however, that Mexico rocks and you are made to enjoy that country!!

  3. brendamaa says:

    Hi Marie, it is 8:15 AM right now and is a beautifal day. The sun is shining, there is just the tiniest breeze and it is 79 F. in the shade. One of my plant cuttings (plumeria) is starting to grow some leaves, so I guess it is “taking”. A great day so far.
    I love the Canada Geese; but not the snow. Hurry up and get down here and warm up. LOL
    I watched Opr_h on Tv last night and she showed a home in Alexandria. It is in the Guiness Book as being the skinniest house. It is 7 feet wide and was built in an alley between 2 other houses, to stop the traffic going through the alley. It was very interesting. A man and his son live in the home and have it decorated very well. Maybe you could find the home and put the door on your other site. His interior walls are the original brick ones of the opposite houses and still have the marks, grooves in them where the buggy wheels would scrape them. Very interesting.

  4. mariemcc says:

    Juan, I think there’s a couple of European trips I need to take first, while I’m still on the East Coast. But Mexico is always on my mind for later.

    Kate, I’m a California girl! The only thing I would miss is slipping on the ice and breaking a hip. That’s what I want to miss. 🙂

    Brenda, me too, love the geese not so much the snow. I know about the house you refer to. It’s called a spite house (built to spite the people going thru the alley). I just don’t know exactly where it is.

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