Duke Street Townhouses


Cute townhouses on Duke Street.

We just had a snow-and-ice storm, but I’ve been working a lot of overtime and haven’t been able to get out to take any snow-and-ice pictures.

2 Responses to Duke Street Townhouses

  1. Row houses. Gawd it reminded me of those we lived in back in 1956 and 1957 in Baltimore, Maryland. The people there didn’t actually own the land they just leased it from the city. I hated to drag the lawnmower from the back through the house to mow the grass in front. It was either that or walk half a mile down the alley and they come up the main street. Thanks for the reminder. I may try to join this group but they said once that my site wasn’t suitable as it was not specifically about the city I live in. Oh well.

  2. Lisa says:

    Happy Valentines Day from Quito 🙂 I like your townhouse picture – they look cozy!

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