Fire Mark No. 4


To recap for those who didn’t visit before the snowstorm, these metal plaques are found on some of the older homes in Old Town. They are called fire marks and were issued by insurance companies in the early 1800s. If a home and all its papers were lost in a fire, these fire marks, because they are metal and would survive a conflagration, were evidence that the homeowner had purchased fire insurance.

This fire mark was issued between 1874-1899 by Associated Fireman’s Insurance Company of Baltimore and is very rare.

4 Responses to Fire Mark No. 4

  1. lavenderlady says:

    You find the most interesting things to photograph!

  2. ben says:

    Very interesting Marie.
    The plaques itself is quite good piece of art, I think.

  3. mariemcc says:

    Lav, glad you think so! I’m lucky, as there are lots of unusual things here in Alexandria as well as lots of history. I really like finding things that most people might miss.

    Ben, yes, some of them are really attractive.

  4. Lessie says:

    So neat! Great photograph.

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