In the Dead of Winter


It’s getting colder, and more snow is predicted for the weekend. So I think I’ll continue with the snow theme awhile longer.

This scene I first showed you last October. Recently an Alexandria poet happened to visit the October photo and left a very nice poem in the comments.

For me there is something compelling about this trio of headstones surrounded by the iron fence. I can’t quite articulate what it is, but I’m sure with every change of season I’ll revisit this site and take another picture.

4 Responses to In the Dead of Winter

  1. lavenderlady says:

    they are both wonderful photos. Maybe it is the history…the wondering about those who have passed on.

  2. photowannabe says:

    Well, it truly is the Dead of Winter…great choice of title and I am enjoying your snow pictures.

  3. Isabella says:

    Lovely series of photos. I also enjoy exploring old cemeteries and trying to invent the lifestories that go with the headstones…

  4. […] Another of my favorite scenes. I first discovered this trio of headstones in October 2006. When the first snow of the season fell, I had to come back for another view. It was going to be either interesting or very boring, taking the same subject in different seasons.  Turns out it’s interesting. Even though you stand in the same spot, apart from the season being different, the picture is never exactly the same. Call me weird, whatever. But I really, really like this. First published in Alexandria Daily Photo on January 27. […]

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