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In some neighborhoods, the trees have already shed all of their leaves. Now comes the fun of raking and bagging. But not for me, since my condo fees pay for all exterior grounds maintenance. These leaves are nowhere near my condo. I was just circling town like a vulture, looking for likely photo carcasses wherever I could find them. My trusty cherry red Subaru waits patiently in the distance to carry me to my next photo shoot.

I’ve been abnormally quiet the last week or so in the comments because my computer is at death’s door, and I’m now only able to get online at work on my lunch hour. New one should arrive by this weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the old one will live long enough so that I can transfer the data to the new one. All my ADP photos are on there!

6 Responses to Fell

  1. michael says:

    Great colours – mainly browns in Fall here in Melbourne

  2. Olivier says:

    voila, elle a trouvée plein de petites copines la feuille d’hier.

    veiled, it found full with small girlfriends the sheet with yesterday.

  3. Kate says:

    Marie, thanks for the computer explanation because I worried about your absence!! The leaves look so tempting–either to jump into or to burn. I understand the need for the ban, but I miss the smell of burning leaves. There are automobile emissions that don’t smell as good but do lots more damage to the environment. Strange world we live in!

  4. lynn says:

    Good pic, GREAT title!

  5. photowannabe says:

    Love your title…its like a building being called a building. It should be called a built, because it has been built. With appologies. That’s something my husband always says.
    Pretty picture. I haven’t written for a day because of computer problems too. Hope yours makes it until the new one arrives. Back up your goodies.

  6. Nathalie says:

    I do sympathise with your computer problems. Good luck !
    This huge mass of leaves looks so inviting: to me it screams JUMP IN, HAVE FUN!

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