Fall Market


Tank tops at the Old Town farmer’s market are but a distant dream. Everyone had jackets on today, but there they were. The number of sellers has dwindled as the chilly weather has come in. I’ve never gone to the market in the coldest months, January through March. Now that I’m doing the daily photo thing, it will be my duty to come, take a look and record what I see. At least once.

4 Responses to Fall Market

  1. zannnie says:

    ohhh lovely fresh tomatoes:) i love tomatoes:D

  2. Olivier says:

    les marchés, il n’y a rien de mieux, le contact avec les gens, des fruits et legumes frais, faire ces courses au marché, c’est une philosophie de vie.

    the markets, there is nothing better, the contact with people, of the fruit and vegetables fresh, to make these races at the market, it is a philosophy of life.

  3. krisz says:

    best place to grab fresh veges. I’d shop here anytime!

  4. Zsolt72 says:

    I love those small tomatos in the box. They are more sweet then large ones.

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