Makes My Blood Run Cold


The discovery of this derelict ice house on Commerce and Payne Streets was astonishing to me, but not just because I had driven by very, very close to it many times yet had never laid eyes on it. No, what was more chilling was that a piece of history in a prime location in Old Town had fallen into such disrepair and that no one had rescued it, rehabbed it and turned it into a chic boutique or gift shop.

A visit to Alexandria’s Real Estate Assessment website turned up some interesting information, though not the year of construction, which is what I was most interested in. The building condition is listed as “good.” Well, maybe they haven’t been by lately. In 1981, this property sold for $28,500. In 2006, the land value alone was assessed at $188,400. Throw in the building and the whole shootin’ match is now worth $272,300 in cold, hard cash. As is.

2 Responses to Makes My Blood Run Cold

  1. Olivier says:

    J’aime bien ces vieilles boutiques. ca donne toujours un cote nostalgique a une promenade. a ce que je vois le prix de l’immobilier a Alexandria va bien.

    I like these old shops. that always gives a nostalgic dimension has a walk. has what I see the price of the real estate has Alexandria is well.

  2. Thien says:

    Hmm, what would I do with this space, rehabbed? Cool store for knitters or something like that. I bet it’s got some good stories there.

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