Christ House


Founded in 1973, the Christ House on West Street feeds the hungry and shelters them against the cold. They serve over 16,000 meals a year, which works out to about 45 people a day.

One of the signs on the door advises that no one who is under the influence of alcohol will be admitted.

7 Responses to Christ House

  1. Olivier says:

    le froid commence a venir, et on commence a ouvrir les dortoirs et les soupes populaires pour les SDF. En France la polemique va encore etre tres forte avec la distribution des tentes de medecins sans frontieres aux SDF de Paris.

    the cold starts has to come, and one starts has to open the popular dormitories and soups for the SDF. In France the polemic still will be very strong with the distribution of the tents of doctors without borders to the SDF of Paris.

  2. krisz says:

    it will be especially useful during winter.

  3. Kate says:

    I like the look of the place!

  4. Brenda says:

    A truly sad commentary on our society, that places like this are necessary in a so called first world country.

  5. Excellent, we have similar places here in melbourne, they do a fantastic job!

  6. Nathalie says:

    Is it open in winter only or all year long? In France, most of these shelters are seasonal, which seems ridiculous to me.

  7. mariemcc says:

    Nathalie, the dining room is open all year. However, they have very limited space and the rooms are available only during the cold weather, as far as I know.

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