Late Afternoon Blue


In Northern Virginia, we get more blue skies in fall and winter than we do in spring and summer, when it’s often overcast. On this day, the late afternoon sky was so beautifully blue that I knew the red brick of Shiloh Baptist Church would be the best way to set it off.

10 Responses to Late Afternoon Blue

  1. Sally says:

    That’s gorgeous – the depth of colour of both.

  2. Olivier says:

    superbe photo, avec de tres beau contrasmes dans les couleurs
    j’espere que tu as recu des tonnes de cadeaux et gateaux pour ton anniversaire
    bon dimanche

    superb photograph, with very beautiful contrasmes in the colors. I hope that you received tons of gifts and cakes for your birthday. good Sunday

  3. alice says:

    Presque un goût d’Italie! Bon dimanche, Marie.

  4. Matthieu says:

    I Love the color of the frontage. The contrast between white and the ruddle shade suits me well.

  5. Kate says:

    The colour of the brick is SO rich, and I love the shape of the windows. Nice!!~PS. Hope that your birthday was great!!

  6. mariemcc says:

    Sally, this church is very eye-catching, not only for its attractive architecture but for that very red red color they paint it. I love it.

    Olivier, merci mon cher. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I went to dinner with a friend and treated myself to baklava later. Mmmm!!

    Alice, bon dimanche a toi aussi!

    Matthieu, it’s one of my favorite buildings in town.

    Kate, it has a great bell tower, too, which you can see better in the other photo I linked to. Thanks for the birthday greetings. I did have a very nice birthday.

  7. Curly says:

    The colours here are sumptuous Marie, and the Church has an autumnal colour all of it’s own.

  8. Chris says:

    This is wonderful! While gazing at your photo I can almost feel the sun warming my back… Very nicely done!

  9. Louz says:

    Wow, vibrant color! Interesting church architecture too.

  10. MarieMcc, it looks like we are in church-photos frenzy. Me gustan muchos los colores primarios de esta fotografía.

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