Another Sign of Fall


The coat collection is on display at The Remix. I’m hoping not to need my heavy winter coat for another month yet, but we have had below normal temperatures for the last two weeks. We may be in for a long, cold winter so I’ll enjoy autumn while it lasts.

9 Responses to Another Sign of Fall

  1. jazzy says:

    i’ll have that tiger coat on display =)

  2. Olivier says:

    je me suis achete hier un superbe pull en polaire, comme cela je suis pret pour l’hivers

    I am buy yesterday a superb sweater into polar, as that I am ready for the winters

  3. russiello says:

    Get your vote tally in: the world’s depending on your state!

  4. Kate says:

    My kind of store. I hit all the consignment shops and thrift stores several times a month. Love the name of the shop.

  5. louz says:

    Those trees in yesterday’s photos are gorgeous. I miss that here. On the other hand, I did some winter clothes shopping at a resale store recently but just sweaters. I haven’t needed a real winter coat in years 😉

    The proposition banning same sex marriage in Arizona was defeated I’ve just discovered. I am surprised. Hope that happened in VA too.

  6. annie says:

    I’ve been dressing mostly in what wome might call “pre-owned clothes” for years now – quite tastefully, I think. I find them more comfortable and it’s always satisfying to find something wonderful at a bargain price.

    I am delighted that Kate, Louz, you and I are all frugal sorts in this regard. It leaves a bit more money for our photo habits.

  7. kala says:

    Looks like this person is making a shaka sign =)

  8. mariemcc says:

    Jazzy, yeah it’s a pretty jazzy coat!

    Olivier, will you model it for us?

    Russ, the vote tally was going to be in all of the papers, plus I prepared this post in advance for auto publish when the tally wasn’t even all in yet. Thanks for that NY Times link!

    Kate, thrift shops are like panning for gold!

    Louz, yeah, that’s right, rub it in! 🙂

    Kala, it also looks like she could be saying “call me!”

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