Election Day


The fall colors are lovely this year on my street, far overpowering the tiny election sign which reminds us to get out and vote today. I haven’t been nearly as enthusiastic about voting for oh, about the last six years or so.

I don’t vote so much for a candidate as I’m voting against the other one. I’ll be voting against someone today as well as against further governmental encroachment on private matters between men and women, between men and men or between women and women.

15 Responses to Election Day

  1. Olivier says:

    en effet les couleurs de l’automne sont tres belles dans ta rue.
    Jour de vote, c’est amusant, vous votez en semaine, cela se passe comment avec votre travail ? vous pouvez voter pendant vos horaires de travail et c’est decompté sur votre travail, ou vous devez voter endehors de vos horaires de travail ?
    En france on vote le Dimanche, et je trouve cela plus logique.

    indeed the colors of the autumn are very beautiful in your street. Is day of vote, it amusing, you vote in week, that occurs how with your work? you can vote during your schedules of work and it is deducted on your work, or you must vote apart from your schedules of work? In France one votes Sunday, and I find that more logical.

  2. neorelix says:

    This is a beautiful shot. Enjoy voting – hope your candidate wins

  3. Sally says:

    There’s alot of us in various parts of the world with our fingers crossed about this election ;-)))

  4. Kate says:

    Colours are outstanding in this photo. Sally’s comment is interesting–we are being watched carefully. Let’s throw the buggers out!

  5. mariemcc says:

    Olivier, the polls are open very early and stay open very late so one can easily vote before or after work. Sunday would be more convenient. 🙂

    Neo, thanks for stopping by.

    Sally, even if the marriage amendment is voted down, unfortunately we still have a long way to go.

    Kate, for me it’s a matter of the less objectionable candidate winning. I have serious questions about each of them.

  6. Annie says:

    It’s a beautiful row of trees in your photo. I hope you enjoy this day.

    It would be good for us all if discrimination were not sanctioned and encoded into law. Best wishes for Virginia and the U.S. and for the whole world, today and every day

  7. russiello says:

    Nice colours. I was surprised to read your state was a swing state this time….is that common for VA?

  8. Rudy Girón says:

    Your autumn colors are arresting. What a wonderful palette… it almost feel like Van Gogh.

  9. Rudy Girón says:

    Marie, are these the trees on your front lawn?

    It is sad, but true. More often now, people throughout the world are voting against somebody, or like they say here in Guatemala: el menos peor (the least worst).

    Many people in the world keep an eye in the U.S. elections because the results will definitely affect them. This is not true of the Nicaraguan elections, just to throw an example.

    Good luck to you and all of us!

  10. jazzy says:

    your vote is worth a million dollars.

    great autumn photo.

  11. Curly says:

    Marie, I can’t help but notice how colourful the election, whoops….sorry, the trees are looking this week!

    I think autumn has arrived at last in South Shields.

  12. Ruth says:

    I really like the symbolism implied in this post of there being something bigger than the election, seeing the beauty around you. Thanks for that.

  13. Kala says:

    This might just be the most riches colored trees/autumn post Ive seen yet – its spectacular – WOW – I wish I could see this in person!!! As for voting – its great to see some of the results thus far =)

  14. Kim says:

    Super and rich colors. . . a sign of hopefulness . . .they will fall. ;^)

  15. Sally says:

    Well, marie, from looking closely at the name on that election sign, I would say that YOUR representative appears to be the one that has tipped the Senate balance, eh! So a pretty portentous photo.

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