The true color of these leaves is not well represented in this image. It’s more of a blue-red than orange-red as it seems here, but no amount of color balancing helped, so I left the original image as is.

As I was looking for the best angle, I noticed the leaves were dropping from this tree like snowflakes. It occurred to me that the best, most colorful part of autumn is over as quickly as tulips in the spring, and I should make the most of this day to capture fall color in Old Town.

I’m not much for poetry. I don’t really get most symbolism or literary devices. I’m a simple Philistine with a big vocabulary. But as I was driving, some phrases came into my head, and this is how this poem came to be:

by Marie McC

Attracted by their flame red glow,
Leaves falling silent as the snow.
I’d better capture while I can
This fleeting part of nature’s plan.

11 Responses to Evanescent

  1. krisz says:

    both picture and poem are beautiful!
    what an inspiration for this morning.

  2. Olivier says:

    tres belle photo, les couleurs sont magnifiques et vraiment bravo pour ton poeme (meme si ma traduction ne doit pas le top du top). bonne journee

    very beautiful photograph, the colors are splendid and really cheer for your poem (same if my translation does not owe the signal of the signal). good day

  3. Kate says:

    I enjoy both the picture and the poem. Especially like the alliteration in the poem. Have a good week, Marie.

  4. passante says:

    Beautiful light and colors. I’m going to guess late afternoon to give it that warmth.

  5. Annie says:

    I really liked reading your poem and looking at the beauty in your post today.

    P.S. I referenced you on my post today.

  6. Denton says:

    I have tried to catch falling leaves without any luck … beautiful photo.

  7. What a lovely light falling on those colored autumn leaves.

  8. jazzy says:

    wow such beautiful reach colours of autumn.

  9. Victoria says:

    Wow, what beautiful leaves and lighting. The poem is lovely too.

  10. Melinda Brovelli says:

    Brava! What a bellissima photo and the evocative words to accompany it!

  11. mariemcc says:

    Wow, thank you all for the very kind words. Perhaps I’ll inflict more of my doggerel on you in the future. 🙂

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