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This month’s Daily Photo theme is something that is about to disappear soon. Landmark Mall, a 120-store, three-level covered shopping center at the western edge of the city limits, will be gone in a year or two. The plan is to bulldoze the present shopping center down to the ground, build an entirely new one with underground parking and rename it Landmark Village. Covered malls are no longer in.

The plan for the reincarnation of Landmark calls for an old-fashioned village look, with pedestrian-only tree-lined “streets,” in an attempt to recapture the feel of Old Town. Landmark has been turning into a ghost town for the last five years or so, with more and more tenant vacancies and less and less foot traffic. I never shop there. Whatever it is I need is always somewhere else.

Ironically, Landmark began as an uncovered shopping center in 1965. It was later redesigned as a covered mall and is in its third life returning as an uncovered shopping district. The plans for the redevelopment of Landmark Mall look very attractive on paper. Hope it works in real life.

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9 Responses to Here Today…

  1. Kate says:

    Progress leaves many empty buildings. Nothing sadder.

  2. Felicia says:

    Hope that it will eventually get more shoppers considering all the money they are about to spend to rebuild.

  3. Olivier says:

    La photo est tres belle, c’est bete que l’on ne puisse pas la voir en grand, car les couleurs ont l’air superbes.
    Bonne idee pour le theme.
    Bonne Journée

    The photograph is very beautiful, it is stupid which one cannot see it into large, because the colors have the air superb.
    Good idea for the topic.
    Good Day

  4. Valery says:

    I hope the new building and parking give a good look to the city.

    As I see it now, it’s not bad.

    A Hug from Barcelona

  5. jazzy says:

    time to move on, if it’s no use to anyone they should definitely make it ‘disappear’ and build something more appealing to all of you =)

  6. Annie says:

    Your soon-to-be-destroyed mall is so much more attractive than Little Rock’s soon-to-be-destroyed one.

    I don’t usually feel too distressed over malls being torn down – but I feel differently about places with true historic significance.

    Oh well . . .

  7. photowannabe says:

    All in the name of progress…if you don’t shop there now, do you think the new “mall” will bring you back?

  8. let it go… I hope the replacement is more better…

  9. The Growler says:

    I remember the old uncovered Landmark Mall from the early 1980s. It had a lot more traffic when there was a Woodward & Lothrop as well as a Hecht’s and Sears. There was also a Fannie Mae candy store that was wonderful.

    What happened to Landmark? Two words: Pentagon City. More stores with more upscale merchandise and right on top of a Metro stop.

    It IS sad …

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