Boo-ty Lounge


Unfortunately, I have no more ghost stories for you this season. There are a couple more buildings that are reported to have ghosts, but they’ll have to wait until next year. In the meantime, have a boo-tiful day!

12 Responses to Boo-ty Lounge

  1. Kate says:

    Artful window decorations. Nice shot.

  2. Olivier says:

    Voila des fantomes plus sympathiques ;o).
    belle vitrine d’halloween et belle photo.

    These are nicer ghosts. 😉 beautiful halloween window and beautiful photograph.

  3. russiello says:

    No prob, time to stock up for next year. I imagine all the Halloween plastic decorations will soon be half price!

  4. nadine says:

    Me and my children and some friends love Halloween, but it is not yet greatly celebrated here in Malta. We still decorate and make parties!!! It’s fun!!

  5. jazzy says:

    nice festive post again, it was really enjoyable. i wonder what comes next from your part of the world, christmas festivities or something else before that?

  6. Keropokman says:

    Have a wonderful pumpkin soup day. haha.. oops, i am hungry, that’s why the soup comment. :-p

  7. Annie says:

    That reminds me of the Beauty Shop of Horrors that is part of the Boo at the Zoo celebration in LIttle Rock.

    And you were right, that one pumpkin on my blog did look like it was ticking, getting ready to give a surprise to someone! I guess that was its voicebox.

  8. Denton says:

    Cute! I don’t see your reflection unless you were wearing a ghost costume when taking the photo.

  9. kostas says:

    I like this image. I love the blue color too much.

  10. FredB says:

    Marylin? Must be Manson… Nice window decoration, definitely worth the shot!

  11. mariemcc says:

    Kate & Olivier, merci!

    Russ, you’re a practical man!

    Nadine, have fun!

    Jazzy, we have Thanksgiving next, in November. But no one has figured out how to commercialize it yet, so it’s not as big a holiday. (I’m being sarcastic.) It is actually my favorite holiday for that very reason.

    Kero, pumpkin soup, mmm…sounds good! I’ve never had it.

    Annie, I think Beauty Shop of Horrors is a terrific idea! Wish I could see it.

    Denton, I was wearing my Cloak of Invisibility.

    Kostas, me, too, it is Greek Blue.

    Fred, good one!

  12. krisz says:

    i love this display, its cheery and made me smile!
    but i still love my ghost story !

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