Tale of the Female Stranger


One of several local legends involving hauntings takes place in Gadsby’s Tavern. It is the Tale of the Female Stranger.

As the story goes, late one night in September 1816, a very ill young woman was brought to the tavern by her distraught husband. They brought her upstairs, and a doctor was summoned. She died after several days. The man had an elaborate gravestone made for her and swore everyone at the tavern to secrecy as to both of their identities. The man disappeared shortly thereafter, leaving unpaid bills behind. All hotel records that might have borne his name were erased, and neither of their identities has ever been known. It is speculated that the woman may have been a member of the English royal family.

It has been said that the ghost of the female stranger has been seen at an upstairs window from time to time, holding a candle. Another story says that a man on a tour of the building saw a lit candle in an upstairs room. He went to get the manager and together they entered the room. The candle wick had never been burned, but when the manager touched the glass shade, it burned his hand.

A very good and detailed retelling of the full story can be found here. The author, Michael Pope, writes for one of the local papers.


8 Responses to Tale of the Female Stranger

  1. Olivier says:

    J’adore les vieilles histoires, les fantomes, les legendes urbaines.
    Personne n’a pense a mettre une webcam pour essayer de voir le fantome ?
    Alexandria a donc des secrets ;o)
    La suite demain j’espere

  2. Ben says:

    It is spooky, can’t wait next story.
    Tour goes on right?

  3. Kate says:

    Wonderful story! You photo gives it the right touch of mystery and I also loved the gravestone (in the article) with the EXACT age of the woman! Fun for Halloween and All Souls Day.

  4. Gails-man says:

    Nottingham has quite a few ghostly legends, including one at the Trip to Jerusalem pub. Besides being haunted, there is a model of a old ship that has never been dusted. The legend goes that anyone who tries to clean it will drop down dead instantly.

  5. MarieMcC says:

    Olivier, oui on dit qu’il y a des choses mysterieux partout ici. Malheureusement, je ne les ai pas encore rencontre.

    Ben, I can’t divulge any secrets!

    Kate, I increased the blue balance in Photoshop in an effort to give it a little creepy feeling. The story is interesting. I haven’t yet found that gravesite.

    G-man, what are the odds!!! I have that same legend in my condo!

  6. kala says:

    I dont know but after reading your last four postings, I am all ready for Halloween!!
    What a dramatic image of the light post and window – scaryyyyy – you do well to be a stephen king type novelist!

  7. mariemcc says:

    Kala, that was my plan, to get people in the Halloween “spirit”! I was going for a creepy image by slanting the angle and pumping up the blue. I think it worked. Ah, to be a novelist … that’s quite a compliment.

  8. Mountainboy says:

    Great shot, looks like a scene from an old English Hammer House of Horrors films.

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