Haunted Alexandria


Tales of ghostly spirits and haunted buildings abound in Alexandria, and it’s something we like to encourage. Alexandria Colonial Tours offer inexpensive walking tours of Old Town, one of the most popular being the Ghost & Graveyard Tour.

Colonial costumed guides tell tales of mysterious deaths, inexplicable events and strange sightings in some of the buildings of Old Town. More fun than scary, the ghost tours are a great way to spend an hour or so on an October evening.

11 Responses to Haunted Alexandria

  1. Olivier says:

    Cela donne envie de faite une ballade dans l’Alexandria Mysterieux.
    Existe-t-il encore beaucoup de fantomes ?
    c’est le probleme avec une ville comme Evry, c’est une ville nouvelle, donc pas d’histoire.

  2. Edulabbe says:

    It would be very funny to go to a graveyard tour!
    We have this kind of tours in our “Cementerio General”, as I posted a couple of days ago, but I’ve never attended one. I think it should be one of my future leisure activities…

    Greetings from Chile

  3. alice says:

    Avec bruits de chaînes et murmures de l’au-delà? Je crois que j’adorerais ça!

  4. krisz says:

    most interesting! have u tried it yet, marie?
    i’ve been wanting to take photos of graveyard..if only i can find such a tour in my town

  5. dutchie says:

    i’d really love to do such a tour!

  6. Kate says:

    I think visiting graveyards is fascinating, even without the scary tour. My favorite is in Paris, and another is in WI–a small hamlet-like town in Door County where ALL my relatives “rest in peace.”

  7. mariemcc says:

    Olivier, tu verras…pendant la semaine. 🙂

    Edulabbe, they don’t really tour any graveyards. They just lead you around Old Town telling stories. The tour ends in a very small church graveyard. But it’s fun!

    Alice, pas de “wooooo,” comme M. Quincompoix (Amelie), mais c’est vachement amusante!

    Kris, I did the Ghost Tour last year, and it was a lot of fun.

    Dutchie, you may just get your wish… 🙂

    Kate, I like the older graveyards near Alexandria National Cemetery, where there are people who died over 100 years ago. Those are the most interesting to me. Check out the cemetery category here on ADP.

  8. Helen says:

    That sounds like SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I like that poster.

  9. kala says:

    Reading these post from most recent to previous, now I got it. For a minute there, I was wondering about this blog. 🙂 Nahh… but it’s really fun to read during this time of the year!

  10. mariemcc says:

    Helen, I like the poster, too! They sell a T shirt with the same design on their website: http://www.alexcolonialtours.com/shirts.html

    Kala, hahaha! No, I’m not that creepy, normally (at least, I don’t think so!). This is my special Halloween Spookfest! 🙂

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