Radish Me

September 16, 2006


Selling produce at the farmer’s market in Old Town.

Update: In yesterday’s comments, someone suggested a blog devoted to vegetable puns. I’m a-maized by that idea. Lettuce all think about it. It’s bean awhile since I’ve stretched my imagination like that, but please don’t leek it to the press. It could work if it doesn’t squash creativity. It might be very corny and doesn’t leave mushroom for error, but maybe readers wouldn’t carrot all.

Been looking for my keys, and I hope they turnip soon. If Denton is on a time out, he can’t come with us to the zuccini? Passante’s car broke down, but I avocado. Hope you didn’t pea your pants over that one. But if you did, I yam not going to tell anyone.


Late Summer Shower

September 15, 2006


Summer sheds a few tears before its departure in six days. It’s not really cold yet, but sweaters are starting to appear.

Doggie Gossip Hour

September 14, 2006


“Hey, isn’t that Old Yeller over there? Who’s that bitch he’s with?”

Dogs have as much fun gossiping as their owners do at the Yappy Hour. The Old Town Holiday Inn hosts the Yappy Hour Tuesday and Thursday evenings in their courtyard from May to October.

Home, James

September 13, 2006


This little princess looks like she has had enough of the Alexandria Arts Festival and just wants to go home.

Photographer of the Amish

September 12, 2006


Met Randall Scott-Persing at the Alexandria Arts Festival and admired his beautiful and sensitive images of the Pennsylvania Amish people. Randall was very friendly and, in response to a question on the reticence of the Amish to have their pictures taken, explained how he built relationships with them first. After getting to know him a little, the Amish could see how respectful he is of them. Thus he was permitted to capture glimpses into their world that most of us will never see, unless we are lucky enough to see his work.

Samples of Randall’s work can be seen on his website.

Sitar Player

September 11, 2006


Sitar player at the Alexandria Arts Festival. I like sitar music. Reminds me of my wasted youth when I occasionally indulged in controlled substances. Unlike our president, I did inhale.

Alexandria Arts Festival

September 10, 2006


Alexandria’s annual Arts Festival takes place the second weekend of September. Several blocks of King Street are temporarily turned into a pedestrian mall for the event. Passante of Picturing Washington and I strolled the art-filled street yesterday.

This year’s Arts Festival weather was perfect, not like the sweltering heat of last year. Even if you don’t buy anything, people watching is great and the art is always interesting. This year some of it was hilarious and some disturbing. It’s always so much more interesting when art brings out feelings in me other than simply “I like that” or “I don’t like that.”