Solves All Problems


What small town doesn’t have one of these? Wouldn’t that be nice, to be able to solve all problems, and in such a small time frame. If I had that capability, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be living in a tacky little house on Route 1.

I suppose the solutions to most problems are within our grasp. The hard part is that solving the biggest problems usually involves getting other people to act on these solutions.

4 Responses to Solves All Problems

  1. Denton says:

    Very deep thoughts today along with another funny photo. You are correct Greenville as a very similar sign. I’ll have to make a point of photographing it.

  2. photowannabe says:

    Interesting thought that all problems can be solved from 9 to 9. Its kind of like the fortuneteller who sees all the future but can’t win the Lottery.

  3. passante says:

    Do you suppose there’s a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work out?

  4. Kate says:

    Hmm. I think I’ll give ’em a call (I think I just did a terrible job on a Spanish exam)!! 9 to 9 is okay with me if it helps!!

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