I’m Just Being Honest


“Mother of God!! What did you have for lunch?!
I’m never sitting downwind of you again!!”

Visitors to Old Town love the Wilson Parrot Foundation macaws, even if they are just a couple of wise crackers.

12 Responses to I’m Just Being Honest

  1. Kate says:

    Gorgeous birds. Colours are beautiful and I love the expression on the “face” of the one on the right.

  2. That’s an excellent caption for this photo. Don’t you have an english expression about birds of a feather or something like that?

  3. Helen says:

    What magnificent birds. So beautiful! I have a parrot, an african grey. Birds are awesome! Nice capture!

  4. Denton says:

    You made me laugh.

  5. Bridwalker says:

    I’m rolling on the floor!

  6. ~tanty~ says:

    Those birds are so cute. I really like their colors. Very good catch!

  7. Mimmu says:

    These individuals seems to be so wise looking, they can absolytely solve ALL our problems!

  8. John says:

    I was thinking he was saying “I’ll just move out of the shot so you can just get Redmond!” Nice one, very funny!

  9. Bill says:

    What a fun shot!


  10. Matthieu says:

    Beautiful colored birds.

  11. glaucepickering says:

    In Brazil they are called “Araras” because that’s the sound they make… “A-ra-ra!A-ra-ra”… I miss listening to them….

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