Only the Lonely


A mythical creature made from several animals is a chimera. Gargoyles are grotesque figures which are part of a waterspout. Gargoylesque sculptures that don’t serve as waterspouts and are merely decorative are referred to as grotesques. Guarding an Old Town residence against evil spirits, or perhaps the tax man, this may be the one and only grotesque chimera in Alexandria. Or maybe it’s just a hound from hell.

10 Responses to Only the Lonely

  1. Kate says:

    Gosh, thought I was in Paris again for a moment. That close-up is definitely scary!!

  2. Kate says:

    PS. And, your caption is quite funny!!

  3. Matt Fullerton says:

    Hi Marie, Just wanted to let you know that I love seeing your pics each day. I set your website as my web homepage so its always the first thing I see when I log onto my computer. I always enjoy seeing your new offering every morning over my coffee. Thanks for sharing – Matt

  4. Passante says:

    The original Chimaera (or Chimera) was the fire-breathing monster (part lion, part goat, and part serpent) killed by Bellerophon, who flew over it on Pegasus, the winged horse he tamed especially for the purpose—hence the generic word for any fabulous creature made up of different animals.

    A Università degli Studi di Firenze-sponsored Web site has a bunch of interesting information about the myth and some great pictures of the famous statue in Arezzo.

  5. mariemcc says:

    Kate, he made me think of Paris, too! I’m fascinated by the grotesque medieval gargoyles and similar figures. Glad I was able to provide some amusement also!

    Matt, thank you so much! That really made my day! 😀

    Passante, thank you for that interesting background. I remember the story but didn’t recall that that was the creature’s name that Bellerophon did in. Too busy trying to be a wise guy, I guess. 🙂

  6. Curly says:

    That’s one heck of a dog leash!

  7. annie says:

    Well, thank you for clarifying chimera’s, gargoyles and grotesques. I never even knew to ask the question about these.

    It’s fun to read your blog.

  8. John says:

    Wouldn’t want to come across that on a dark night!

  9. Well, speaking of Paris…. Yes, it not only is an interesting thing to find in Alexandria, it is a wonderful photo! Thanks for finding and clicking this one!

  10. […] Marie McC posted a closeup of this strange creature last week on Alexandria Daily Photo. Since we both shot pictures of him at the same time, I’m sure she won’t mind if I post one too. Here he is on a column, guarding his owners’ house. […]

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