Wrought Iron Gate


Old Town has a lot of beautiful wrought iron gates. And if you look closer…

4 Responses to Wrought Iron Gate

  1. Kate says:

    It’s difficult to capture the beauty of these gates. I think you did it! The brick backdrop helped outline the grillwork. What were you pointing out to us—the animal face?

  2. Natalie says:

    Are those bells dangling there to alert the owners of people entering the gate?

  3. Annie says:

    Another interesting gate picture. Does this gate lead to the entrance of a home? Given that there’s a number on the gate I’m led to believe this.

  4. mariemcc says:

    Kate, I’ve noticed the same difficulty. The background is key, as is the time of day. I’ve had to pass on many becautiful gates because the view behind them was trashcans or something equally unphotogenic.

    Natalie, that would be my guess.

    Annie, I can’t remember, although it’s possible. You’re right about the house number. Most gates just leading to a yard don’t have them.

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