Photographer of the Amish


Met Randall Scott-Persing at the Alexandria Arts Festival and admired his beautiful and sensitive images of the Pennsylvania Amish people. Randall was very friendly and, in response to a question on the reticence of the Amish to have their pictures taken, explained how he built relationships with them first. After getting to know him a little, the Amish could see how respectful he is of them. Thus he was permitted to capture glimpses into their world that most of us will never see, unless we are lucky enough to see his work.

Samples of Randall’s work can be seen on his website.

4 Responses to Photographer of the Amish

  1. carol says:

    Went to his website and you’re right, he has beautiful pictures! Thank you, Marie, for spotlighting him. I have enjoyed looking at his wonderful work.

  2. Kate says:

    Your photo of Randall is excellent. Thanks for his website; I found his photographs to be stunning.

  3. luggi-foeger says:

    I’m very inspired by the Amish, and I admire their lifestyle.

  4. mariemcc says:

    Carol, I emailed Randall and told him if he ever sells calendars or gets a book of his work published, I’d be ready to plunk down my Mastercard!

    Kate, thank you. I wasn’t happy with the contrast problem of his white shirt against the dark booth background, but it was an arts festival, whaddaya gonna do? Randall’s work is really inspiring, isn’t it?

    Luggi, it is really admirable that they have managed to maintain their lifestyle as long as they have. There was a special on them on PBS a while ago that was really interesting, showing how in order to maintain their way of life some of them are resorting to more commercial activities. One family maintained a telephone booth with a fax machine at the end of their driveway. That way they could take orders for Amish crafts but still not be tempted to use the phone for other things.

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