In a Jam

September 30, 2006


Is there any better jam than red raspberry? I think not. Del Ray farmer’s market is tiny, but in addition to produce there are some delectable homemade breads and jams for sale.

I have a problem with sugar, so I had to pass on the red raspberry jam. The peach jam, even though it had no sugar, just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s kind of the same with men. You like the one who’s not good for you, and the nice one you have no chemistry with.

Light the Way

September 29, 2006


Old style door light in Old Town.

No Chair? No Problem!

September 28, 2006


Some cities like Paris have lots of benches lining their sidewalks for the footweary to rest. Alexandria has very few. For some, that’s no problem.

To Everything There is a Season

September 27, 2006


The one maple tree on my street has begun to change color and drop its leaves. The elms, crape myrtles, magnolias and others remain stubbornly green — for now.

Not For Sale

September 26, 2006


Florist shop window display in Old Town. One of these items, I’m sure, is not for sale.

Solves All Problems

September 25, 2006


What small town doesn’t have one of these? Wouldn’t that be nice, to be able to solve all problems, and in such a small time frame. If I had that capability, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be living in a tacky little house on Route 1.

I suppose the solutions to most problems are within our grasp. The hard part is that solving the biggest problems usually involves getting other people to act on these solutions.

I’m Just Being Honest

September 24, 2006


“Mother of God!! What did you have for lunch?!
I’m never sitting downwind of you again!!”

Visitors to Old Town love the Wilson Parrot Foundation macaws, even if they are just a couple of wise crackers.