Generous George’s


Generous George’s Positive Pizza and Pasta Place on Duke Street has been around since 1977, a remarkable feat in the restaurant business. Recently the building got a facelift with a fresh coat of cotton candy pink paint and new awnings, making it much more inviting. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there. Guess it’s time to return and see whether the inside has gotten a facelift, too. All I remember is the portions were huge, and the lasagna and margaritas were outstanding. No wonder they’ve been in business for so long.


8 Responses to Generous George’s

  1. Felicia says:

    Hi Marie, sounds like a great place to eat, but what about those giant toy soldiers? They sure grabbed my attention. I appreciate that they represent two different racial backgrounds!

  2. Edwin says:

    At first i thought it was a toy store. Now I’m dying to know what the pizza and pasta looks like.

  3. MarieMcC says:

    Felicia, they don’t say anything about the toy soldiers on the Generous George website, so I can only guess that it’s an attention-grabbing device that also lets people know that it’s a kid-friendly place.

    Edwin, check the Generous George link to see if they have any food pictures. It may be a little while before I get back there.

  4. Anne says:

    Oh those status are beautiful! I thought it was a toy store too 🙂 Hope too you share some food photos 🙂

  5. passante says:

    This is a favorite place for birthday lunches of two or three people in my office, so I have eaten here quite recently. The portions are huge, but the food really doesn’t impress me. I remember it as good 20 years ago, though by no means authentically Italian even then. I think that pasta dishes on a pizza crust are among the most weird culinary inventions!

  6. mariemcc says:

    Passante, I’m not surprised by your opinion of Generous George’s. You’re not only very well traveled, but you have a sophisticated palate. As I’m sure you know, most Americans don’t. My countrymen fear most spices, most things that are unusual and think Taco Bell is real Mexican cuisine. Also, George’s positions itself as a very kid-friendly place, and kids are even more limited in terms of what they like.

    While I’m a bit more adventurous in terms of what I’ll eat (except for seafood, the scent hits me the wrong way), I’m only slightly different in my food preferences than other Americans. You can take me out of America, but unfortunately you can’t take America out of my taste buds. I’m hopelessly American! 🙂

  7. Helen says:

    Sounds like a fun place. I love the toy soldiers. The food isn’t everyting for me, the atmosphere is more important I think!

  8. Curly says:

    Hi Marie,

    are the pizzas as generous as they suggest?

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