No Junk Food Here

Fair Price Indian Market

What a difference from the typical supermarkets we did on theme day in July. There’s not only no junk food at Fair Price, but there’s very little processed food at all. But you’ll be able to get dried beans, peas and lentils, whatever you need to make homemade daal, halal meat and fresh Indian bread.

Not only that, but Fair Price is a fraction of the size of the colossal Shopper’s Food Warehouse. The entire store would fit in the Shopper’s produce section.

5 Responses to No Junk Food Here

  1. Passante says:

    I need to go there more often than I do. I tend to forget about it (shame on me!) ecause the Med. Bakery is closer.

  2. mariemcc says:

    Fair Price is very specialized, though, and doesn’t have the variety that Mediterranean Bakery does. Conversely, Mediterranean Bakery didn’t stock the spice mix that I come here for, which you’ll see tomorrow.

  3. carol says:

    Marie–I’m loving this food trip around the world!! That’s what I think I miss most about living in the Northeast–the variety of foods available. The first time I shopped at the deli in the supermarket here in Chattanooga, I asked them where the rest of the stuff was!! LOL!! Now whenever my husband travels north on business the kids and I give him a list of foodstuffs to bring back.

  4. I get hungry every time I come to your page these days. I just don’t understand.
    I also am enjoying the trip around all the food varieties!

  5. mariemcc says:

    Carol, glad you’re enjoying it. I can sure empathize with you & your kids foodlists! When I was in the Peace Corps and living in Togo, West Africa, it was always HUGE when anyone sent candy or nonperishable food. Once my sister-in-law sent me a big tube of Parmesan cheese. What an angel! You might be able to get some things from the internet these days.

    Helen, hmm, that’s odd! Hehehehe! Glad you’re liking the trip down the international food aisles. More to come!

    Thank you all for stopping by!

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