Daily Photo is Educational


One interesting item at the Fair Price Supermarket is this, which you first saw June 9, 2006, on Mumbai Daily Photo: it’s jalebee! Had I not seen that post, I would never have known what this pastry was made of or was called.

With lady shoppers dressed in saris and authentic colorful pastries, I have a little tiny piece of India right here in my neighborhood. That’s what you can find only in one of the lesser known corners of the West End.

3 Responses to Daily Photo is Educational

  1. Passante says:

    Okay, don’t be a tease! What is it made of? Have you tasted it?

  2. mariemcc says:

    It’s your basic sugar with some wheat dough fried in butter and a sugar glaze. Haven’t tasted it, as I’m trying to avoid sugar these days.

  3. Natalie says:

    I read the description and it doesn’t sound too appetizing. However, maybe I would be surprised. If I ever come across it I will have to try it.

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