The Best Baklava in the World

best baklava in the world

Even though the West End scores a big fat zero on charm and ambience, I console myself knowing I live exactly one minute and 37 seconds away (depending on traffic lights) from the best baklava in the world. This food of the gods is sold in one one of the West End’s completely unremarkable strip malls (yes, I guess that is redundant) on South Pickett. I’ve tasted a lot of baklava, but no one makes it like The Mediterranean Bakery makes it. It cures what ails ya!

Hope you have your comfy walking shoes on tomorrow, because we’re embarking on an international food shopping extravaganza. We will leave no strip mall unexplored in our quest for the most exotic and unusual food items you thought you’d never find in Alexandria.

4 Responses to The Best Baklava in the World

  1. Rudy Girón says:

    What it is exactly? I don’t think I ever had baklava.

  2. mariemcc says:

    Oh, Rudy, it’s exquisite! It’s a Greek pastry made up of dozens of paper thin layers of dough, each one buttered in between. Deep inside is a concoction of chopped nuts, honey and spices. It’s heaven!

  3. Edwin says:

    Love it! And you mean to say there’s more food to come? Oh yummy!

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